How long has the Nursery been open?

We opened in 1991 and have been flourishing ever since.

Do we provide food for the children?

We give them a morning and afternoon snack.  A cooked lunch is available.

Do we take children out for walks?

The babies go for walks to the Common in pushchairs to feed the ducks.  The older children go for Nature Walks and visit the Hawthorn Centre.

What are the staff ratios?

0-2 years of age – 1 member of staff for three children
2-3 years of age – 1 member of staff for five children
3-5 years of age – 1 member of staff for eight children

1-13 for qualified teachers, early years teachers and staff holding full and relevant level 6 qualifications

What records do you keep on my child?

We start with ”A Unique Child” when your child begins Nursery and then each child has a record of their development that is completed each term. We use iConnect as our online learning journal and communication tool.

What do I have to send in with them?

A change of clothes is very useful and a pair of pumps or other indoor shoes. Waterproofs are essential as we go out whatever the weather.

What sort of clothes should my child wear?

Dress for mess!  Children who are toilet training are best in jogging bottoms or shorts.  Trousers with belts can be tricky for younger children who want to be independent.  In winter please put a t-shirt on under a fleece or jumper as it can be hot after a physical activity.

Should clothes be labelled?

Clothes should be labelled with your child’s name.

Can my child bring in toys from home?

If your child has a special toy or blanket that they are much attached to you are welcome to send that in to Nursery clearly labelled with the child’s name.